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Crysis Fun!

Post  f1shface on Sat Nov 15, 2008 5:29 am

This works in both crysis and warhead, first navigate to installation directory then the 'Game' folder, then the 'Config' folder and backup 'diff_easy.cfg', 'diff_normal.cfg', 'diff_hard.cfg' and 'diff_bauer.cfg' (bauer being delta). Then open the one you play on and find the line 'Player Health/Energy/Suit' and then look for entries beginning with 'g_playersuit' what they do is pretty self-explanatory and change the numbers, lower meaning the quicker they happen. You can also change the power of your punches by adding 'cl_strengthscale=#' where '#' is the number you want the strength to be multiplied by. Post your funny screen shots below!

Source: PCFormat Magazine


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